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Young Canadian Quakers on war & recruitment

Prepped & primed but not yet packed

So we’re getting ready to leave on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 for Germany, and I’m taking a few minutes to set up the blog to receive our continuous, zealous posts (best laid plans) while we’re there.

As most of you know, Matthew, Sheehan and I will be attending the War Resisters International conference “Countering the Militarization of Youth” in Darmstadt, Germany. Basically, the conference will examine the implications of different methods and demographics of recruitment and conscription, how militarization affects community spaces and entertainment, and issues related to education and Queer/gender and the military. The conference will also serve as a forum for experiences of resistance in different environments among a variety of age groups. (More on our “About” page.)

Our pre-plans involved sharing links and materials on recruitment, counter-recruitment, peace and militarism in different countries and from different disciplinary perspectives. Roger Davies of Halifax Monthly Meeting shepherded us well in pre-trip discussions and helped us make lots of connections within the dialogue and literature surrounding this subject, and with other groups and individuals who share our interest in counter-militarism.

We welcome feedback and dialogue, so feel free to leave comments on our posts and contact us anytime.

More news to come!


One comment on “Prepped & primed but not yet packed

  1. melearley
    June 6, 2012

    ‘Guete Reise’ — Have a Great Trip.

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