Notes on Counter Militarism

Young Canadian Quakers on war & recruitment


This June, three young Quakers will be attending the War Resisters International conference “Countering the Militarization of Youth” in Darmstadt, Germany. The conference will bring together delegates from all over the world (Britain, Chile, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, Finland, Spain, South Africa, Venezuela, Colombia, USA, Canada). It aims to foster an inter-regional network of cooperating anti-militarist organizations and to strengthen European and international movements countering the militarization of youth.

About the Canadian Quaker delegates:

Christel LeBlanc attends Halifax Monthly Meeting in Nova Scotia. She is a web and graphic designer and a recent graduate of the Master of Design program at NSCAD. She is interested in the way visual rhetoric is used as a tool of military recruitment, and hopes to learn more about how media and communication design may be used to counter the increasing momentum towards a militaristic society in Canada.

Sheehan Moore attended Fredericton Monthly Meeting in New Brunswick but now resides in Montreal where he is a fourth-year anthropology and art history student at McGill. His work ties together social movements, neoliberalism, and notions of public/private space. He has come to appreciate the benefits of getting together with people of diverse backgrounds to share and collaborate, and hopes to be able to work with international delegates at the conference on issues of youth, militarization and social movements.

Matthew Webb is a member at Coldstream Monthly Meeting in Ontario and spent time at Peterborough Allowed Meeting and at Fredericton Monthly Meeting. He studied leadership and public policy at Renaissance College in Fredericton and works with PowerShift 2012, which advocates for environmental change and youth activism in local communities. He believes that a Canadian presence at this conference is especially important and that Canada must address and counter its growing trend towards militarization so it can start to rebuild its once-peaceful reputation on the world stage.

The conference will be held 8-11 June, 2012 in Darmstadt, Germany (just south of Frankfurt). A draft programme is available here:

Christel LeBlanc will be blogging about the conference as it happens. Please feel free to contact us at the emails listed below:

Christel LeBlanc:

Sheehan Moore:

Matthew Webb:


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